IT Support Made Easy.

In today’s business landscape performance, stability and reliability of key business systems are critical to ensuring your business is efficient, competitive and profitable. Yet there are many challenges to achieving this.  ES2 Managed Services offers a wide range of services which are aligned to your business needs and driven by Service Level Agreements (SLAs). As an example, ES2 has been delivering 24x7 Security Monitoring and Microsoft Support at one of the major players in the Critical Infrastructure industry.


ES2 Managed Services offer a wide range of support offerings covering the Management and Support of various disciplines such as Security and Solutions (SQL, SharePoint, Power BI, CRM, etc).  Our range of Managed Services offer guaranteed service levels and a modular framework to enable us to take partial or complete responsibility for your support needs, enabling you to use time and valuable resources where they are needed most.


How Managed Services can help you...

  • Reduces the disruption of churn and removes services gaps through managed handovers

  • Provides a flexible basis to respond to emergent work

  • Includes a back office supporting management, systems and knowledge sharing

  • Provides greater resource flexibility to address the priorities of the business

  • Provides a basis and platform for continuous improvement

  • Delivers a lower total cost of service through flexibility and resource optimisation

  • Local and Onsite Support


Cyber Security - Incident Response Services

Cyber Security Incidents can happen at any time, 24/7. In fact, they are often more likely to occur outside of normal working hours when an effective response is the hardest to achieve. However, a rapid response when you have been compromised is critical to minimise the impact of the incident.