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Sundowner: Cyber Incident Response

While sipping a well-deserved afternoon drink and enjoying the vistas over the Swan River, attendees of ES2’s latest Sundowner learned more about Cyber Incident Response on the 5th of December.

ES2’s Security GM Steve Simpson spoke about the importance of minimising the impact of an incident by preparation, and took the attendees through a number of items that should be included in your Incident Response Plan (from categorisation and defining roles and responsibilities, to a communication plan, lessons learned and so on).

He also pointed out that – unfortunately - creating an incident response plan is not enough.

Raymond Schippers, APAC Lead from Check Point’s Incident Response Team, reinforced this message with some impressive (and frightening) examples Check Point have recently seen.

To be able to not only assist with the preparation for a Cyber Incident, but also offer incident response around the clock, ES2 has created Australia’s first 24/7 Cyber Incident Response ‘Hotline’ (1800 372 732), backed by Check Point Incident Response Team. 

ES2’s Security Director Andy Battle spoke about this Cyber Incident Response Offering and services included, whether it be as an ‘on demand’ service or as an annual subscription helping develop your organisation’s incident response plan and onsite readiness.

If you would like to know more about our Cyber Incident Response Services or you want to join us at our next Sundowner, please get in touch: fred@es2.com.au