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Thursday 21 March: Serverless Applications Sundowner

Serverless computing represents the next evolution in cloud computing, increasing the ease and speed of innovation, whilst still reducing cost. This is achieved by placing the focus on the code instead of the hosting infrastructure. Organisations will be able to build apps faster and increase the return on investment by only paying for the time that the code is running!

Please join Ajay Chauhan, ES2's Solutions Lead, who will present on serverless applications, enabling you to maximise the benefits offered by this approach increasing business focus and empowering business logic whilst continuing to provide 'more for less' which we are all driven to achieve. 

Date:         Thursday 21 March 2019 Time:       4:00-6:00 PM Venue:      The Sherry (Upstairs)                   Flour Factory                   16 Queen Street, Perth

Nibbles and drinks provided.

RSVP via events@es2.com.au