Why Cyber Incident Response 24/7?

Cyber incidents can happen at any time, 24/7. In fact, they are often more likely to occur outside of normal working hours when an effective response is the hardest to achieve. However, a rapid response when you have been compromised is critical to minimise the impact of the incident.


ES2’s Incident Response Team of experienced Cyber Security Experts recognise that every minute counts in the event of an incident. Specialist resources will work collaboratively onsite or remote with your IT team to rapidly identify the full scope of a breach, eradicate the threat behind it and establish the quickest resolution.  This includes determining the nature and extent of the incident, providing advice on how to contain, isolate or quarantine devices to restrict the spread of the incident, as well as an analysis to gain full understanding of the extent, effect or impact of the incident. ES2’s Incident Response Team will leverage Checkpoint's Global Incident Response Team if required.


The ES2 24/7 Cyber Incident Response may include the following services:

  • Incident analysis

  • Coordination of response

  • Control and contain incident

  • Collect, document and preserve incident evidence

  • Rapid recovery from attacks

  • Post-incident report (PIR)

  • Post-incident remediation and recommendations

  • Coordinate release of information


Cyber Incident Response Pre-Paid Services is an annual subscription that includes onsite readiness services, pre-negotiated terms and SLAs all to enable customers to resolve incidents quickly, prevent reoccurrence, and keep executives informed.