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By Kids for Kids

ES2 Kids

ES2 Kids is community based initiative that aims at providing Cyber Security Awareness to K-12 students with the main focus being on primary age students.

ES2 identified a gap in kids’ understanding of Cyber Security and other aspects within this important dimension, such as Digital Footprint and Cyber Bullying, which can leave kids of all ages at risk with the potential to impact the rest of their lives.

The ES2 Kids Difference and Services

Whilst there are many similar initiatives available in Australia, none are aligned to our model of ‘By Kids for Kids’. We believe our messages are more likely to be received favourably by kids when the advice is coming from other kids (as opposed to hearing this from parents, teachers, adults, or organisations). ES2 Kids messaging and credibility is fully ‘supported’ by ES2, the largest WA owned and operated Cyber Security company with nationwide capabilities.

  • Public and Private Schools Cyber Awareness Roadshows
  • Cyber Awareness Events Delivered by Kids for Kids
  • Cyber Awareness Mobile App fro Kids and Parents
  • Corporate Engagement

How We Measure Up

Cyber Awareness K-12 Presentations Delivered

Cyber Awareness Board Presentations Delivered

K-12 Kids Reached

“Providing Cyber Security Awareness to our youth and kids.”

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